my story


I began my photography journey back in college with a 35mm Canon camera from my mother, a kit lens, and many travels throughout Latin America. While my work has evolved so much over the past two decades of shooting and learning, I am certain that my early interest in travel photography has shaped my visual voice.

My work is still characterized by vibrant colors, shapes, angles, textures and most importantly connection and emotion. The stories I tell through my lens have also evolved as I emerged from globetrotting into motherhood, but I am forever drawn to documenting the everyday and making art out of the ordinary.

My travel days may be on hold, and replaced by days full of creative chaos, tough love, legos, messy watercolor paint, spilled Cheerios, tears, homemade cookies, love notes from my preschooler, reading time snuggles, rainy day puddle splashing, spontaneous hugs, and countless "mommy I love you's" whispered even after I've lost my temper.  These are the moments I wish to remember through my artistry. 

In 2017 I was accepted as a ClickPro with the professional organization Clickin' Moms, and I am delighted to now be available for mentoring. 

Details about me:

I am a Western New Yorker at heart, but in what truly feels like another life, we lived in Washington, DC and I was a high school Spanish teacher for almost a decade. I manage my business full-time and homeschool my three children. We now really enjoy a quieter life and spend a lot of time hiking, exploring, trying our hand at organic vegetable gardening, homemade pizza making, and listening to a strange mix of the Avett Brothers and Imagine Dragons on repeat.


"My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport."” — Steve McCurry