My mother gifted me my first 35mm camera for my high school graduation, and my first film SLR for my college graduation. Those gifts sent me on my way. As a Spanish major, and later as a high school Spanish teacher, I was fortunate enough to travel internationally a great deal. What I looked forward to most in my travels was new opportunities to make beautiful pictures of daily life in those cultures. I have always been drawn to capturing the day-to-day, observing people at work and play, and capturing connections. 

Though I began my journey as photographer long before I became a parent, motherhood has undoubtedly shaped my creative vision. Still, I am drawn to capturing the beauty in the everyday: days full of creative chaos, tough love, legos, watercolors, cheerios, tears, homemade cookies, love notes from my preschooler, reading time snuggles, rainy day walks, spontaneous hugs, and countless "mommy I love you's" whispered even after I've lost my temper.  These are the moments I wish to remember through my portraiture. 

Details about me: I am a Western New Yorker at heart, but spent a decade teaching in Washington, DC before moving to Lehigh Valley, PA in 2014. I have a Master's degree in Latin American Studies, my hubby is a professor, and I homeschool my three children. We love visits to farms, working in our vegetable garden, exploring new wildlands for nature study, homemade pizza Fridays and pancake Sundays.