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Apple Picking in Lehigh Valley PA | Lehigh Valley + Bucks County Child Photographer

September.. the month where summer and autumn collide. People always want to book sessions in October but I have to say September is just as lovely a month for portraits. The air is sweet and warm.. it's crisp and fresh in the morning, warm in the afternoon... and most importantly the gnats aren't out in full force quite yet LOL. 

We enjoyed the last weekend before the fall busy season of me being home, present to the kids, and after church we went to the orchard to pick our favorite Honeycrisp apples before they are done for the year. We usually go apple picking 2-3 times each fall and make loads of homemade applesauce to freeze for the winter. 

I love creating family and child portraits in the apple orchard and have one late-September date left during apple-picking season. If you'd love a Lehigh Valley PA or Bucks County PA apple-orchard portrait session please get in touch!

A Sunset Legacy Session | Lehigh Valley + Bucks County PA Grandparent Photography

Grandparents are a legacy. My Legacy Sessions capture the unique bond between grandparents and grandchildren. My Legacy Sessions can also be booked to honor an aging or ill family member and document a piece of their life story. 

When my client contacted me soon after her Spring family session to book a Legacy Session for her girls and her parents, I was ecstatic. Grandparents play such an important role in our children's lives but if you are like me, there are very few pictures documenting that special bond. What better way to honor their care and connection with your children than a fun and relaxed portrait session documenting the kids snuggling, swinging, and playing with their grandparents. 

If you'd like to book a Legacy Session for a family member, please get in touch! I'd love to talk with you about how we can honor your family. 

Josephine and cherry blossom snow | Bucks County Family & Child Photographer

Her expressions never fail me. 

Amongst the Wildflowers of Early Spring
AnneMarie Hamant Portraits and Stories- Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

This beautiful mama and daughter spent a cloudy spring evening with me last week enjoying this delicious golden yellow field. I just adore little Natalie's pigtails and her dark hair amidst all the bright flowers. So much tender connection between the two of them as they wait in anticipation of baby brother's birth this summer. I am so excited for my motherhood session marathon coming up this weekend! I can't wait to capture your children's spontaneous affection for you :) 

Sunshine in January | Lehigh Valley + Bucks County PA Child Photographer

SUN! At long last! My kids acted like it was summer. My boys came home from our errands and put on shorts and t-shirts even though it was only 50 degrees. They ran for hours at the park while Josephine did her best to ride the giant hand-me-down scooter that she's been dying to learn to ride. I chatted with one of my besties and we made pictures because who could resist that light after weeks of fog and clouds. 

Do you love my work? I am now booking storytelling sessions to capture the beauty of your family's day-to-day. I'd love to plan a session with you! 

365 Project Week 2 | Lehigh Valley + Bucks County PA Documentary Family Photographer

We are all feeling a little cooped up with the winter right about now, so even though I am longing to shoot outdoors and in beautiful dreamy backlit fields, this season forces me to turn inward, shoot in less-than-perfect locations and light, accept some grain and high ISOs, and find new nooks of light in my home. We're hanging in there!

If you love my work and would like your family story documented as art, please contact me to schedule an in-home storytelling session. I'd love to find the light and capture the love in your home. 

Sunrise, hot cocoa + donuts | Lehigh Valley & Bucks County Family Photographer

This beautiful testimony about her session was written by my client: such a sweet mama. Balancing a LOT- her family, her own successful business, children's activities... you know it all too well. Big plans, lots of mishaps for this shoot, but we ended up with MAGIC. Did they see it at the time? Nope. stressed we didn't get any good shots. You can't even imagine the beautiful gallery we created from this session. Just goes to show, your family is so beautiful even amidst the chaos. Relax and trust me to capture that for you :) 

If only you could have been a fly on the wall (er, in the air) these past 24 hours. Our family photo shoot that I mentioned was happening this week? Did you see the gorgeous sunset God gifted the world last night for a beautiful family photo session? You didn't? Well guess what, NEITHER DID WE! This Mama had it in the family's calendar this entire. time. for the WRONG DATE. And here I thought I was so on top of my game having our clothes finalized and laid out days before. πŸ™ˆ Come to find out it was supposed to be LAST night. Not tonight. Sooooo in the wee morning hours today my clan made our way to a last minute sunrise session. As in, 7:45AM. And naturally we were running late. I had BIG plans in my head of how this year's photoshoot was going to pan out. Kids frolicking through the meadow while my husband and I toasted with our Moscow mule copper mugs of warm cocoa. πŸ˜‚ Kids were tired and cold and as soon as our youngest started warming up, our oldest fell of his dad's shoulders and smacked his head on the ground. My gorgeous lace Lucy kept getting caught in the meadow's thorns. Ladies, it was one thing after another like out of a movie. The one consistent thing throughout it all? Our amazing photographer AnneMarie Hamant who was SO patient, gracious and beyond accommodating to this crazy, scattered-brained mom who botched the whole thing up in the first place. Here is a quick picture I snapped when we got home from all of the chaos. It is my precious Hadley donning remnants of her morning's outfit that included a pair of cozy LuLaRoe leggings, a pair of mismatched socks her Daddy dressed her in for the session and stayed on the entire time (Men!) AND you may note the new, shorter 'do which is the result of an impromptu hair cutting date she and her sweet cousin decided to have last weekend. Sigh. I share all this and show this sweet picture that makes me smile, because it is a reminder to me of the sweetness and beauty amongst chaos. Oh how far from perfect things panned out. And our Christmas Card will likely show a child with exhausted tears in her eyes and a dirty "Lovie" clutched in her paw, chocolate chunks in the teeth of another (from the doughnuts we were using as "rewards"), a son with a pounding headache, a husband stressed that he is beyond late for work, and a mom who is frazzled and desperate for ONE GOOD SHOT. Praise God for grace. Perfection is so boring, isn't it? It's all about making the best of these crazy moments. And striving to do so with a little bit of style and grace.
Snap Love Grow Feature | Lehigh Valley PA Child Photographer
Lehigh Valley Family and Child Photographer

I am grateful for another feature this week in the Snap Love Grow 10 Ten Weekly Favorites! There is so much beautiful imagery created weekly and I am thrilled to be a part of this community of artists. 

Check out the other beautiful work that came in the Snap Grow Love Top 10 this week! 

Snap Love Grow Featured Photographer

My photo was in the Top 10 feature on the Snap Love Grow Blog this week! The theme was Oh My Heart, and my image captured this sweet moment between my husband and son while William was hospitalized this summer. 

Childhood Unplugged Sessions: Documenting Children in Nature- Lehigh Valley Child Photographer

I am so excited to launch my Childhood Unplugged Sessions to document children in nature. I want to capture children at play, exploring, discovering, wondering, taking awe at their natural environment. These are fun sessions that we will style together, choose a location that is comfortable for the family and children's ages, and get out together with our rain boots and play clothes on! Children have a natural curiosity and these sessions allow them freedom to engage in nature without worrying about performing or posing for the camera. If you are a family that enjoys the outdoors, please consider booking a child or family session with me to capture this amazing connection with nature. I have so many great locations in mind for these and we are lucky to live in an area filled with natural playgrounds. 

Childhood unplugged sessions last about one hour, preferably shot the hour before sundown.