Bucks County, PA Lifestyle Newborn Photography Growing Family Session

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting another Growing Family session, my lifestyle in-home newborn portraits. Little G was 7 weeks old, but was born a preemie so he still had a lot of newborn characteristics but gave us so much alert time! These sessions are so laid-back. If baby wants to nurse, we let baby nurse (and if mama is interested, I shoot beautiful, intimate breastfeeding portraits for her). If baby needs a change, or to be burped, mom and dad take care of those needs while I capture these little moments that become so ordinary, yet have totally changed your life. 

The excitement and wonder over a new baby (especially a family's first baby!) never gets old. This couple was glowing with adoration for their adorable baby boy. I was so happy they had G's Grandma over to get in on the portraits as well- such a special bond between those two! And of course, Libby their furry friend couldn't be left out of the family portraits. Thank you so much A family for inviting me into your home to be a part of this beautiful time in your lives!

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